What You Need to Know about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

People suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome receive very little support not only from their friends and family but the medical community as well, primarily because most people do not really understand this ailment.

CFS isn’t simply a matter of feeling tired. One must also take into account the aches, pain and confusion that accompany the sensation of exhaustion. The problem with chronic fatigue syndrome is that most people think they understand it while they don’t.

Everyone has been fatigued at some point in time. So anyone that hears the term ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ immediately thinks about the last time they felt fatigue. However, the illness is a little more complicated than that.out of order

The first thing you must understand is that chronic fatigue syndrome is a real disease. It isn’t merely another mild medical complication that goes away with time. It is an illness, one with serious consequences and for which people must seek medical assistance.

This disease is very debilitating. More than just another bout of fatigue that will go away with a good night sleep and a hot meal, this syndrome will inhibit your ability to function. People who struggle with this extreme energy deficit are unable to work or even maintain basic daily routine.

There are people who stay locked away in their homes for entire weeks and even months because they lack the energy to walk out. It would be a mistake to shrug chronic fatigue syndrome off as little more than an irritation. The illness can ruin lives.

There is more to chronic fatigue syndrome than mere exhaustion. People struggling with this disease are also to contend with stomach aches and muscle pain, to say nothing of the memory lapses and insomnia. Do not be too quick to dismiss this disease because it doesn’t sound as devastating as other illnesses.

Diagnosing this illness is not a simple task as well. There are no specific blood tests or physiological examinations through which the presence of chronic fatigue syndrome can be determined.

The fact that the symptoms of this illness are so common and also associated with many other diseases only complicates matters. Doctors usually look for signs that the patient in question is unable to function for lengthy periods of time as a result of their exhaustion.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is actually common, far more prevalent than most people assume. The problem is that many of the individuals struggling with the disease do not even realize that they have it. More than 80% of chronic fatigue syndrome patients have never been diagnosed, which explains why they have never sought treatment.