What Are The Main Dangers Caused By Diabetes

A healthy person's blood sugar is always in the normal range. The slightest change in it leads to an unpleasant and serious disease, known as diabetes. Every year the number of people suffering from diabetes increases. At least 20% of all patients are children and young people, whose age does not exceed 25 years.

There are two major types of diabetes:

  • acquired diabetes;
  • insulin-dependent diabetes.


Diabetes Insulin-dependent type of diabetes happens when the pancreas produces insufficient insulin. Insulin is a substance that regulates the sugar level in blood. If the body does not produce the necessary amount of it, the sugar level exceeds the permissible level 2 or 3 times.

Often, people get insulin-dependent diabetes after infectious diseases, which they suffered from in their childhood. The work of the pancreas is disrupted as a result of frequent illnesses such as the flu and sore throat. Immunity gradually ceases to fight the disease and weakens quickly. For this reason, the normal operation of the pancreas may be disrupted, so the person gets diabetes at an early age. Often there are cases when a person becomes ill with diabetes due to poor heredity.

Acquired diabetes is the most common type. It is the result of intense “sweet” life, when a person indulges in every pleasure, and carries out a sedentary lifestyle. The list of products that trigger the development of diabetes include bakery, sweets, fast food and so on.

If you consume a lot of carbohydrates and do not burn them, then there is a great risk of developing diabetes. People suffering from obesity are the most likely candidates to diabetes. If a person does not take care of their health in time, acquired diabetes can become chronic, which has a negative effect on the heart, causing hypertension, coronary heart disease, renal failure and atherosclerosis.

To avoid any diseases from the list given above, one should lead a healthy lifestyle. It is important to thoroughly select the food that you eat. Be sure to include fresh vegetables and fruit the diet. If you like, you may take vitamin complexes.

It is strongly recommended to maintain an active lifestyle. The best solution is to find a favorite sport and go in for it for a long time. Stress has a negative effect on the human body, so try to distribute the load at work and leave more time to rest. It is better to limit yourself in something and preserve health for a long life than to measure indicators of blood sugar hysterically.