What are the Main Causes of Obesity Today?

Obesity has over time become one of the biggest health challenges that have proven to be tough to tackle. Studies conducted in 2008 show that at least 11% of people above the age of 20 are obese while at least 35% are overweight. This is not just a problem among adults, the world health organization in 2013 revealed that around 42 million children in preschool were overweight.obese stomach Many of these cases of obesity and overweight lead to contraction of diseases such as high blood pressure, heart problems, etc. It is, therefore, crucial that we understand what exactly the cause of obesity in the society is so that we can be able to deal with the problem effectively.

Family genetics

Family genetics is one of the leading causes of obesity. Genes of obesity are usually present in most families. These genes will contribute in determining the amount of fat in your body and how the fat is stored in the body. If you come from a family where one or both of the parents are obese, then the chances are that you will also experience the same problem. The day to day activities of the family members will also play a vital role in determining how the child will grow. If a kid is raised in a family where parents are consuming a lot of high-calorie meals, then the child will grow with the same habits and is likely to battle obesity later in life.

Food addiction and diet choices

Food addiction is a very common problem especially when it comes to the consumption of junk food. Many individuals, particularly at the age of between 14 and 28, are at a very high risk of getting addicted to junk foods such as pizza, fries, and other fast foods. This addiction leads to overconsumption which consequently brings about overweight issues and obesity. If one is not addicted to any junk food, but if he/she is making poor diet choices, then chances are they will also experience obesity problems.


Lifestyle in the sense of how active or how many physical activities you engage in per day is another factor that determines how healthy your weight is. Advancement in technology has resulted in little or no demand at all for much physical activity. This has led to people becoming reliant on the gadgets thus becoming lazy as they spend more time on their couches. A lot of people no longer want to ride or walk to work, but instead, they are always behind the wheels. This, therefore, means that there is little burning of calories that takes place, which contributes a lot to obesity.


Another major factor that is known to be related to obesity and overweight is our environment. The type of environment that one is exposed to has a big impact on his/her health. An environment where physical activity is not encouraged, healthy meals are not accessible, and aggressive advertising of junk food is done increases the probability of the people to experience overweight issues.