Weird Contraception: Bacon-Flavored Condoms

Have you already heard of bacon-flavored condoms? If you haven't, don't jump to conclusion and think it's just a joke. However ridiculous the idea might sound on its face, such condoms really exist. People who feel like their time in the bedroom has become a bit monotonous and they need to spice up their sex lives buy funny and weird condoms out of fun. And when it comes to the bacon-flavored condoms, they indeed give the word pork a wholly new meaning.

J&D's Foods is a Seattle company which is the brains behind the unique bacon lubricant used in these condoms. Something that started simply as an April Fool's day practical joke is now a real product.

bacon-flavored-condomJ&D's Foods is a well known American company, the manufacturer of such food products as Bacon Salt and Bacon Rub, Baconnaise, Croutons, Baconpop and others. Surprisingly, now it introduces a condom that feels, tastes and appears like real bacon. As J&D states on its site, “Each one of the bacon-flavored condoms has been thoroughly examined and tested to make sure it is safe and reliable.” The condoms have the unique bacon lube which is an ultra premium water based special lubricant applied on the inside and outside for ‘an extra hotter experience with pork’.

But why bacon? This is the question many ask.

In an interview, the co-founder of the J&D company Justin Esch — Justin accounts for the “J” in J&D’s Foods — explained that he had the plan to produce bacon-flavored condoms for quite a long time; what he lacked, though, was the bacon lube that wasn’t developed by the company until recently.

Mr. Esch stated that the condoms have the texture of a regular latex condom, but acquire their bacon flavor and scent from the special lube. “No injection mold or anything,” he added.

According to a survey, a lot of Americans prefer bacon favor to fruity favors, which only means the appearance of bacon-flavored condoms in America was just a matter of time.

Based on the J&D’s sales statistics, about five billion of their condoms are sold globally so far. The bacon-flavored condoms go for around $10 for a pack of three, which is a bit pricier if compared to ordinary condoms, but many people don’t mind paying a little more for this one-of-a-kind product.

The bacon-flavored condom appeared as an utter surprise, but with the company’s slogan "Everything should taste like bacon”, who knows what other things with bacon flavor we can expect in the future.

  Alexandr Sedishev