The Truth about PTSD

Contrary to popular belief, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be experienced by anybody and not just veterans. Research even showed that women are more likely to experience PTSD than men. The traumatic events that trigger PTSD are mostly different with every individual. For example, a woman who miscarriages and experiences PTSD might not experience this disorder if she had gone through another more damaging traumatic event.

Common Symptoms

man-with-ptsd- Re-experiencing and re-living the trauma through nightmares and flashbacks. However, just because someone who has gone through a traumatic experience has this symptom, it does not necessarily mean that they have PTSD.

- Emotional destabilization such as being irritable, extreme mood swings, insomnia and lack of concentration. If this symptom is accompanied by the first one then chances are high that the person has PTSD. If these symptoms come together, the victim is advised to seek professional help.

- Being distant from people, places and activities that remind the victim of the trauma. This symptom is naturally expected as any rational human being would want to stay away from the thing that hurt them. However, PTSD victims also experience emotional numbness.

- Negative change in feelings and beliefs. The victims tend to stop showing affection towards loved ones because of a negative mindset towards the world. It’s like everything they believed in has been ripped away from them.

What You Need to Know about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

An estimated 70% of adults in the US have experienced a traumatic event, but only 20% of those people develop PTSD. This proves that not everyone who experiences a traumatic experience develops the condition.

PTSD takes at least one month to develop following the traumatic experience. Sometimes it may take even years before the symptoms of this disorder appear.

PTSD can hardly go away on its own and needs to be treated. Some people wrongly assume that they will get over this disorder and this can be a very dangerous approach. Untreated PTSD gets only worse with time.

PTSD can be triggered in an instant by an image, a smell, a sound or simply a memory.

People with PTSD are not crazy or dangerous. Television has made people think that PTSD victims are aggressive, inadequate and dangerous. The disorder is actually not characterized by violence or psychosis.

Scientists have discovered that relaxation methods, time spent with friends and family, distracting activity, good sleep, and proper diet can go a long way in treating the disorder. PTSD is responsive to treatment and medical experts are still coming up with newer methods to treat this disorder.

Alexandr Sedishev