Sildenafil for Women

Sildenafil is used today for the curing of disorders of sexual sphere in women. The drug is effective for stimulating sexual arousal, even in menopause or after removal of the uterus.

Today, Sildenafil has the following effects when applied to women:

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  • Enhances sexual desire and increases libido;
  • Enhances sensuality;
  • It reduces the time needed to achieve good sexual arousal;
  • It increases the production of vaginal lubrication;
  • It improves blood streaming to the pelvic organs;
  • Strengthens the feeling of fondling and touching of the sexual act;
  • Prolongs orgasm;
  • Removes frigidity;
  • Increases libido in older women;
  • Increases stamina during lovemaking.



qqThe preparation affects the female body is complex because, in addition to strengthening the natural sexual arousal, the drug stimulates the emergence of male desire intimacy. Enhanced blood stream to the pelvic organs and genitals in women under the influence of the medicine impacts sensitive erogenous zones and makes the feeling during sex bright and extremely strong. Through the usage of the preparation a woman can reach orgasm during every sexual intercourse. Into the bargain, it sustains the amount of vaginal lubrication, and consequently, it is not advised as a primary therapeutic agent for women suffering from dryness of the vagina. The natural sexual arousal and pleasure of intimacy with the usage of this medicine is enhanced due to the intensification of local blood flow genitals. In principle, it increases allocation of vaginal lubrication and increases sensitivity of erogenous zones due to heavy flow of blood to the genitals.

Adverse Effects

In rare occasions there may happen the next undesired events:

  • Indigestion;
  • Dyspepsia;
  • Nasal congestion;
  • Dizziness;
  • Headache;
  • Light perception;
  • Difficulty breathing.


The Usage

The advised dosing is 50 mg. The dosage can be enhanced to 100 mg, and reduced to 25 mg, depending on the effectuality and the tolerance.

The maximal dosing is 100 mg. Not more than once per day.

For older examinees and those who have renal or liver illnesses the dosing remains the same.

And it cannot be used by children.


Sildenafil for examinees who have abnormal sensitivity to any constituent of the preparation is contraindicated. It also should not be given to examinees who take nitrates of any kind.

Remember! Before you undergo the curing consult at a specialist. Self-curing can be a cause of severe problems with your health.