Sildalis, the Ultimate Answer to Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction issues are affecting a great number of men of various ages all around the world. Even though the majority of them belong to a certain age group (over 60 years of age) there are a few factors that can cause such problems for young men as well. Fortunately for all of the above, there are more than a few tools to fight this condition. However, there are times when the common ED drugs are not sufficient, and more drastic methods are required. This is where Sildalis steps in.

Sildalis is a combination of two already powerful drugs, sildenafil and tadalafil. It is manufactured by Dharam Distributors, an Indian pharmaceutical company that is known worldwide for its breakthroughs. The overall dosage of a Sildalis pill is 120mg, 100 of which are sildenafil and the remaining 20 are tadalafil.

Both of the aforementioned substances belong to a specific category of drug ingredients called “PDE5 inhibitors“. In order to fully understand their mechanism of action, we need to describe how an erection is achieved under normal circumstances.

After receiving a sufficient level of sexual stimulation, the male body produces nitric oxide and then releases it in the area of the genitals called corpus cavernosum. This oxide “binds” with guanylate cyclase, an action that increases the quantity of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) enabling the penis to become erected.

look at my erectionThe inability to achieve a strong erection occurs because of an enzyme called cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This enzyme blocks the accumulation of the cGMP making the erection impossible to achieve. So, Sildalis is intended to block the function of PDE5. This is the reason why its ingredients are called PDE5 inhibitors after all.

Every man who has used one of the two substances in the past is aware of their intensity. So it is needless to say that when using Sildalis, which is a much more powerful combination of the two, a user should strictly stick to the recommended dosage.

Just like every other drug, there is a list of contraindications for as well. Once again, they should not be taken lightly since ignoring them and taking the drug even if someone is advised against it can have very bad health complications. Following is a list of patients who must not take Sildalis:

- Leukemia patients.

- Men suffering from chronic kidney or liver conditions.

- Men who have recently gone through a heart attack or have any type of chronic heart condition.

- Men who have any type of hypersensitivity or allergy to one or more of the drug’s ingredients.

It is important to highlight once more that the final consult should come straight from a doctor to ensure the safe use of Sildalis.

Combining two separate drugs that are already that effective, and creating an even “stronger” one was a difficult task since there were too many different variables that needed to be adjusted. But, once more, proper scientific research and studying has offered us an extremely effective weapon to fight erectile dysfunction.