Scientists Have Explained Why Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women

The researchers managed to find out why men lose excess weight much easier than women. According to the findings of numerous studies, this fact is explained by several reasons.

Experts have conducted 49 studies showing that men are losing weight much really easier and faster than women. According to the findings of researches, there are several reasons that can be used to explain this relationship.

First of all, a man's body contains much more muscle mass, so men burn more energy and, thus, lose weight faster. Also, women are much more involved in the preparation of food, constantly tasting everything they use in cooking and cooked meals. And here we see the result – it is nothing else but consumption of extra calories. Moreover, the gentle sex spends more time at home, often snacking between meals. At the same time the stronger sex tends to maintain an active lifestyle with little time to eat. lose weight

Another good reason is the fact that in males as opposed to females, there is little emotional link to the food. In other words, men do not tend to fight stress, melancholy, and depressive states by eating different sweets and high-calorie food, which is almost never beneficial and often leads to extra pounds around the waist.

Losing weight for men is not a fancy thing, it can have essential reasons. In this post we are not taking into consideration excessive obesity caused by such reasons as hormonal disorder, because healthy lifestyle and diet alone can hardly help in this case, the doctor’s assistance is necessary. So, even if you don’t mind aesthetic considerations, weight loss for men can help to avoid midlife crisis in men – healthy sporty man feels more confident and happier. Such man enjoys women’s attention, lives longer and earns more. He has sex more often and derives more pleasure out of it. So, here we see that weight loss is considered not only by women; men also have enough motivation to get rid of “muffin tops” and paunches.

The main advantage of a man who wants to lose weight is that he, as opposed to a woman having the same aim, does not lie to himself and others. He can honestly say: “Yes, I have eaten 45 steaks on the last weekend and have drunk 5 liters of whiskey.” And all we will hear from an average woman? “No, no, only a glass of milk!” An average man approaches any activity with all responsibility, and gains what he wants more often, than women.