Recent Medical Breakthroughs That Sound Like Fictions

Science never rests, science never slumbers - old events are ringing out while new ones are ringing in. Scientists' minds work like clockwork, hiking from the realm of impossibilities to the realm of possibilities, from the realm of fictions to the realm of realities. A good scientist should believe that everything can be done, the precious ideology of every new discovery. Presently, there are medical discoveries and breakthroughs so incredible that they make people say, “Can this be happening? I cannot believe my ears.” Nowadays, they are real-life high-tech innovations that can save millions of lives and which sounded like a science fiction just a decade ago.

Artificial Retina

retina-artificialArtificial retina is a sophisticated item designed to restore the sight of people who have lost their vision due to retinal degeneration. The miniature retina device takes over the functionality of damaged photoreceptors by creating electrical stimulations that are required to activate the remaining healthy retinal cells. This device consists of two components, a set of eyeglasses and a miniature chip.

Seizure Stopper

This is a device developed for people with epilepsy. The device, NeuroPace, consists of sensors that are implanted in the brain. The sensors can spot the first onset of oncoming tremor impulses and then send counteracting electrical impulses against these tremor impulses, thereby stopping the seizure.

Remote Patient Monitoring System

This is a tool designed to enhance patients’ access to health care, improve the outcomes, and make the health care systems more effective. The monitoring program is capable of collecting a wide range of health-related data such as blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and electrocardiograms from a patient. The data is then transmitted to health professionals in monitoring centers, such as hospitals or skilled nursing facilities. This program enables health professionals to remotely monitor the patient and act on the information received so as to formulate a treatment plan.

Hepatitis Cure

Recently, a more potent drug killer of hepatitis C, Sofosbuvir, has been developed, with a success rate of 95 percent and ever more. The medication is to be administered for 12 weeks.

Anti-Aging Drugs

With the new anti-aging medication that was discovered in recent years, people can theoretically live in good health till their 120s. The drug could cure diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. In order to prove this, researchers have already tested the drug on rodents and found that it extends the life of the animals. The anti-aging drug will enter the human trial phase in the nearest future as approved by Food and Drug Administration in the US.

Alexandr Sedishev