Proper Diet as Help in Dealing with Acne

In case you have been trying all kinds of treatments for your acne problems with too little success, don't despair. You need only to re-evaluate your strategy and include proper diet in your fight with acne. Basically, what you eat reflects upon your skin. Eating right is one of the best approaches when it comes to treating acne.

There can be different inner causes of acne. The condition can be caused as a result of hormonal imbalance. Toxins in one’s body may cause you to have acne. Prolonged fatigue and stress are other major factors that can result in one getting acne. The point is that the condition of your skin is some kind of indicator of your overall body health.

skin-health-foodsFixing your inner system should be the start of effective treatment of acne. If all is good from the inside, then the outside will reflect back by having a healthy skin with no signs of acne. One’s diet, as said earlier, is one of the most crucial factors in this whole scenario. You can begin by adding more greens and vegetables in your meals. Kale and spinach can do a lot of good for you skin. In fact, some studies show that vegetarian diet can effectively heal acne in many cases.

Also, consume organic drinks without sweeteners or sugar. Green tea would probably be the healthiest choice in that respect.

Although vegetarian diet seems to be the most skin-friendly eating plan, some studies suggest that proteins also help in treatment of acne. The trick would be to choose the healthy sources of proteins. Ensure you take eggs, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and lean meat as part of your meal. Proteins assist in creation of new skin when acne treatment is going on.

Taking avocados, nuts and olive oil is also a good idea. Fatty acids and vitamin E will contribute to a healthy, acne free skin.

Remember to stay away from processed foods, sugary drinks and fried dishes.


It usually takes time to heal acne. So patience is something you need to have while fighting with stubborn acne. The reason for this is that before you see any notable improvement of your skin, your body will need time to cleanse itself and make everything right from the inside first. Yes, it may take a while to make acne disappear, but if you're patient enough, you will definitely get positive, long-term results.

Alexandr Sedishev