Men’s Nutrition: a Few Beneficial Foods to Boost Your Health

Proper nutrition is essential for every man’s health. Basically, good eating habits will contribute to a stronger body which can handle physically demanding tasks. Also, a well-nourished body has better immunity, so it will be able to withstand infections and diseases more resiliently. In addition, ideal nutrition promotes a better physique and helps prevent lifestyle obesity. Here are some great foods that you should consider adding to your diet for better health.

Lean red meat

men like beefYou do not have to abandon your long-time affair with steak when you decide to lead a healthier lifestyle. Red meat is a highly beneficial food for men if in moderation, so it is prudent to incorporate it into your regular diet. This type of meat contains leucine, an amino acid which is crucial in building healthy muscles. This substance is absent from plant protein with the exception of soya. However, when eating beef or pork, ensure that the cuts are lean to avoid filling up on animal fat.


Shellfish is one the best sources of zinc. This mineral is also present in other types of seafood. While zinc is important to every person irrespective of gender, its low levels have been linked to some significant problems in men. For instance, zinc levels below normal are associated with male infertility as well as low quality sperm. In addition, the mineral improves heart and muscle functions. Therefore, add seafood to your weekly menu. If you cannot grow fond of this food, consider getting more zinc from nuts, seeds, turkey and beef.


Ginger is not per se an independent food, but it complements other meals quite well. The spicy root can be served with sushi, added to beverages or grated into the normal meals. The most important health benefit of ginger is its ability to reduce inflammation in the body. Moreover, consumption of the root regularly can be used to reduce potential pain from strenuous physical activities. If you are not a fan of the spiciness, you can choose to take tart cherries for the same anti-inflammatory effect.


Tomatoes are rich in different beneficial substances. The most notable is lycopene which is believed to minimize vulnerability to some cancers. Some research conducted has been found to suggest that tomatoes can reduce susceptibility to prostate cancer. While not all studies support this, you cannot afford to ignore the nutritional value of this fruit.

Alexandr Sedishev