Medical Developments in 2016

2016 has been a big year for many reasons and this includes medical breakthroughs. Experts in the medical field have been working with tremendous effort to find cure for degenerative diseases, find the best fitness programs, develop technology to help people with disabilities, and find answers to other medical related issues. 2016 is a fruitful year for the medical world because of the advancement of technology and processes. Take a glimpse of the five notable medical breakthroughs this year that made a huge impact in the domain of health care.

Food and Health Scanners

medical-robotIn actual fact, there have been scanners used before 2016, so most health and food scanners only became more accessible for ordinary individuals during the year. These scanners are either a remote gadget that can be accessed using smart phones with certain downloadable applications, and even watches. With these scanners available, people can start to be more aware of their health status in real time operation and how healthy they eat.                      

Augmented and Virtual Reality for Medical Use

Most people will think augmented and virtual reality is only for games and personal use, but medical professionals and researchers are getting more benefits from these technological breakthroughs. These are now being used in understanding the human anatomy and how each disease affects our health. Moreover, virtual reality has recently started to be used to treat psychological disorders.

The Gelatin as Supplement for Joints

Medical research does not favor only the worst conditions, even joint pains are being researched. For the past few years, joint pains are simply either prevented or suppressed with pain relievers. This year, more proof and results of research of gelatin being beneficial for joint pain has surfaced. This gives people who suffer from joint pain a better option other than pain relievers.

Successful Transplants of Different Body Parts

It usually takes years of studies to create a medical breakthrough. When it comes to transplanting organs, trial and error is not a likely option, therefore, these studies are essential. With technology bringing in better equipment, more successful transplants are bringing light to many patients.

A Robot for a Nurse

Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries and it is no longer a question if medical breakthroughs come from this country. One example that Japanese medical and robotics researchers focused on this year is the robotic nurse RIBA or Robot for Interactive Body Assistance by RIKEN and Tokai Rubber Industries. RIBA is still under improvement, but the initial robot setup is fully functional and gained positive feedback.

There is definitely a larger number of breakthroughs in 2016 that have still been under refinement. Medical professionals and so many patients around the world are now looking forward for even better results in 2017.

Alexandr Sedishev