Intimate Relationships Can Affect you in Different Ways

Intimate relationships are very complicated things. Scientists have been studying them for a very long time and, no matter how much they've learn, there is always more to uncover. It brings comfort to people when they realize that there is a science to intimate relationships, especially when you realize just how drastically they can affect your health.

The nature of your relationship doesn’t really matter. Whether you are married or simply dating, the decision to engage in intimate relationships is going to affect you in more ways than you can imagine; some of them are positive and others can be very negative. Some common health consequences of intimate relationships include the following:stop right there

1.) Weight

When people pair off, they have a tendency to let themselves go. The fact that they are no longer trying to impress one another takes the pressure off to present themselves in the best physical shape. As such, it is very habitual for people in relationships to gain weight. This isn’t even taking into account issues of overeating that can arise when intimate relationships end and a person tends to seek consolation in food.

2.) Stress

Stress has a strange association with relationships. For some reason or other, stress levels tend to soar amongst so many couples. Few relationships can avoid turmoil - be it disagreements over money, irritating habits, parenting complications, or a lot of other possible reasons.

Yet, sexual activity is known to be one of the most powerful stress relievers around. A healthy sex life typically results in a healthy mind and a happier life.

3.) Mood

People seek intimate relationships because the idea of coupling with another person feels good. Certainly, sexual intercourse tends to initiate the production of feel-good hormones that can have a positive impact on the mind and body. However, the mental and emotional connection that exists between a man and his woman can have just as drastic an impact on the mind and the body. In that regard, it is easy to see why intimate relationships are often touted as a powerful anxiety reliever, capable of banishing dark moods and delivering superior mental health.

4.) Depression

Depression and anxiety go hand in hand with dysfunctional intimate relationships. Clinical depression is more prevalent today amongst couples than ever before. Combating depression resulting from a relationship is no picnic because the elimination of the relationship is unlikely to guarantee a resolution to the mental complexities and anxieties driving the depression.