Intimacy during Pregnancy

Whereas many women and their partners may be apprehensive about engaging in sex during pregnancy, waiting for nine months to be over before having sex does not seem to be a viable option. But how safe is sexual intercourse when the woman is heavy with child?

Interestingly, a woman's desire for sex goes into overdrive during pregnancy. Why, you ask. One reason is because there is an increase in blood flow through the vagina and the pelvis. Another significant reason is that a woman goes through notable hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy.intimacy during pregnancy

While it is important for a mother-to-be to care about her yet unborn baby, it is also very important for her to support the intimate relationship with her man. So it appears that a pregnant woman feels both emotional and physical desire for sex.


Generally, sex is safe during pregnancy. However, women who have pregnancy complications should avoid sex. Instead, they should seek the opinion of the doctor. High-risk cases with serious complications could potentially cause harm to the developing baby or the expectant woman.

Once the doctor determines that sex is safe in your particular case, you are free to engage in sexual activity up until a few last weeks before the baby is born.

What works for you?

Admittedly, sex during pregnancy sounds awkward to some people. This is especially the case during the first trimester when the morning sickness and fatigue sets in, and the third trimester as the baby bump has grown so big that many sex positions become practically impossible.

However, the woman shouldn’t close up but rather talk to her partner to determine together what works and what does not. You will discover that some positions are more comfortable than others thereby giving you more fulfillment and pleasure.

What is the effect on the baby?

The thought that sex hurts the baby during pregnancy is unfounded. Sex will not hurt the baby, especially if you are careful and have chosen a right sex position. To dispel your fears, it is advisable that you go with your partner for prenatal visits to the doctor.


It goes without saying that after a woman is knocked up sex is never really the same. You will have to change or abandon some sex positions altogether. You have to keep an open mind and be creative if you want to enjoy sex during pregnancy. Furthermore, it does not necessarily have to be the conventional intercourse. Check with your partner on every occasion so that you can understand each other’s needs and how to satisfy them.

On a side note, safety should be your priority. When you feel uncomfortable or hesitant, do not do it. Also, don’t be embarrassed to consult with your doctor about any doubts you have concerning sex during pregnancy.