Hemorrhoids can be defined as a lump of blood vessels swelling like pillow clusters of veins. Located below the mucous lined membranes in the lower rectum and anus region, hemorrhoids is a dangerous condition. It causes some serious swelling and the pain of irritation is huge, which can leave you in certain discomfort. This happens due to the fact that the vein walls are stretched, and during bowel activity the pain is huge. There are two major types of hemorrhoids that can happen. One is internal which occurs right near the lower rectum and the anus, the other one being external hemorrhoids which occurs under the skin around the anus region. As a result of this swelling, the overlying skin experiences erosion due to the constant irritation.

Haemorrhoids External hemorrhoids is more painful because the skin in the area contains pain receptors.

Hemorrhoids can be caused by the following factors; infection of the anal and rectal region, interabdominal tumours, pregnancy - leading to increased venous stasis, chronic constipation - causing interruption to blood flow and straining on defecation, portal hypertension, prolonged standing - causing increased venous stasis, congestive heart failure, some hereditary factors, varicosities in the legs, liver cirrhosis or cancer of the rectum.

How would you know you are suffering from hemorrhoids? Its symptoms are: bleeding, protrusion of a small mass through the anus, pain - usually happens during bowel movement, itching, feeling of a mass or pressure in the anal canal.

So are you going through all the tough times trying to cope with hemorrhoids? You should not worry or trouble yourself anymore. Since there's plenty of professionals who have overcome the problem affecting too many people. Usually doctors suggest that hemorrhoids surgery is the right treatment to choose. But surgery is needed only for extreme cases and sometimes home treatments are enough to cure minor hemorrhoids cases. Numerous clinics all around the globe are offering hemorrhoids treatments, which provide lifetime relief. So if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, then check into a clinic today and get the most effective medical treatment. In order to overcome this serious condition, don't shy away - just talk to your physician and you will find help.