Fight Erectile Dysfunction through Exercising

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that affects a great number of men all over the world. Some of the most common causes are stress and “performance anxiety” while there are also physical ones like high blood pressure and obesity. Both men and women are aware of at least one drug that helps treat erectile dysfunction. Viagra has gain enormous popularity, and for good reason since it proved to be really effective as a treatment for ED. However, what the overwhelming majority of people doesn’t know is that there are exercises that can help a man overcome or prevent the aforementioned sexual issue without resorting to medication.

The key to defeat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction is finding ways to increase the blood flow in the area of the genitals. We are going to start with a few obvious ways to improve the blood flow and then move on to a specific exercise that most of us have never heard of.


kegel-featureThe benefits of taking frequent walks have been studied extensively. One of them is the amazing ability to greatly improve the function of our heart, thus increasing the efficiency of our blood circulation. And, since this affects our entire body, it should come as no surprise that it can also help men achieve and maintain erections easier than before.

Aerobic exercise

Men who do not have the time or energy to leave their home and go for a long walk can try something else instead. Aerobic exercise at the gym or even in the house can have the exact or even better results than walking since intense exercise greatly increases the heart rate causing us to burn high amounts of fat and making our blood travel faster. So, apart from getting in shape, men can improve their sexual performance at the same time.

Kegel exercises

In order to fully understand how we are going to train certain muscles, we have to locate them first. The next time you urinate, try interrupting your stream for a few seconds. There you go, it was rather easy (or not). The muscles you just used to stop urinating are the ones that need to be trained.

Kegel exercises include the clenching of the muscles described in the previous paragraph for about 5 seconds and then relax them. This has to be repeated 10 to 20 times, twice or three times during the day. It may seem very easy but it’s not, so do not give up if you can’t even reach 10 repeats at first. Patience and practice are guaranteed to help you reach your goal.

All of the above are natural, non-chemical ways to reduce the intensity of erectile dysfunction and allow you to have a normal and healthy sexual life. They are especially valuable to people who cannot use the respective ED drugs for one reason or another.

Alexandr Sedishev