Facial Laser Treatment – a Modern Way to Make Your Skin Look Great

While there are many natural methods meant to reduce dark circles, facial wrinkles and acne scars, laser treatment is also another sure method of keeping your face smooth and young. Facial laser treatment is actually a technique that involves concentrating pulsating beams of high intensity light onto certain areas of the face. These beams are meant to remove the intoxicated and wrinkled skin layer.lt is a technique that is usually termed as facial laser resurfacing, laser peel, or laser vaporization.

The technology behind facial laser treatment is based on the removal of the top skin layer so that the softer skin gets exposed. It is a very effective treatment that helps in getting rid of those pesky brown spots caused by the sun and fine lines which often makes you look older. Although this treatment may not be as relaxing as that day Spa treatment, it is safe and effective method.

Types of Facial Laser Treatment Technologies

laser-treatment-for-scarsThe type of facial treatment that will be used on your face depends on the nature of your skin. A dermatologist should fast determine the type of your skin to select the best laser treatment that suits your skin. Non-ablative and ablative are the two common types of laser technologies that are used to remove wrinkles, sun spots and even acne scars.

The non-ablative laser is meant to improve the looks of your face without causing much damage. With this method, patients won’t be able to realize the results until after a few weeks since these type of lasers work slowly but safely on a person's skin. Unlike the non-ablative method, the ablative laser treatment requires more downtime, almost like the surgical procedures. Your skin will obviously need some healing time after being treated with ablative lasers.

In both of these technologies, more than one session may be required to achieve the desired results. While the ablative laser removes the layers of the skin, the other method doesn’t, but both types of lasers may damage collagen. When the skin’s collagen is damaged, it triggers the body systems to build new and more collagen making your skin to look healthier and tighter.

The Process of Facial Laser Treatment

First, a dermatologist will have to clean thoroughly your face; this may be followed by application of a numbing cream. In the process, your eyes will be covered to prevent the laser beams from damaging your eyes. Sedation is recommended if you decide to use the ablative laser method.

After receiving any kind of facial laser treatment, you need to relax and rest to prevent your skin from looking irritated, raw and sore. Note that sometimes crusts may appear during the recuperating time.

Alexandr Sedishev