Do you Know all about Common Cold?

A common cold is an infection that is most times taken lightly but can very easily affect someone’s immune system making them feeling very sick and miserable. Most of the people with this infection usually end up feeling like their entire bodies are sick thus ending up being unable to carry out their day to day activities. The ability of this disease to affect an individual’s body like this also means that it is sometimes possibly confused with other infections. This is why in this article we are going to explain to you what a common cold is, how it is transmitted, its distinguishing signs and symptoms and how it can be treated.

What is a common cold?

A common cold is a contagious infection medically known as the upper respiratory tract infection. Different types of viruses cause this disease. The most common virus that is known to be accountable for as much as 40% of all common cold cases is called the rhinovirus.common cold treatment Other types of viruses that can cause a common cold are a coronavirus, the parainfluenza, and the respiratory syncytial virus among others.

When you are exposed to these viruses, they typically tend to attach themselves onto the linings of your throat or nose. This triggers your body to produce white blood cells in an attempt to counter the virus. As your cells try to fight the attached virus, your linings nasal and throat lining get inflamed, and the symptoms now start to show.


Most of the cases of common cold infection are usually as a result of being exposed to a virus through an already infected individual. You can get the virus by touching a surface that already had the germs left on it e.g. a spoon, doorknob, keyboard, etc. You will then get infected if you touch your mouth or nose with those hands before you disinfect them. You can also get the disease if you breathe in the same air with an infected person when they sneeze.

Signs and symptoms


The common cold virus has an effect of irritating the nose and the throat membranes. This irritation will make you experience sneezing which could become rampant several days after being exposed to the virus.

Runny nose/nasal congestion

A common cold will make your body produce excess fluids that will jam your blood vessels and mucous membranes. This leads to the production of nasal discharges. At first, the discharges are light and colorless but after a few days, they could become thick and change color to yellow or green.

Sore throat

A common cold comes with an itchy, scratchy and dry feeling throat. This is as a result of the inflammation of the tissues of the throat lining. A sore throat could sometimes bring difficulties in swallowing or drinking food stuff.


Common colds could at times be accompanied by either a wet or a dry cough. This symptom is known to last longer than the rest even after the infection has gone away.

Watery eyes, earache, loss of appetite and body aches are other minor signs and symptoms of the common cold infection.


The common cold does not have one specific cure. There are however remedies that can be used to reduce the symptoms. Drinking lots fluids and getting rest helps to ease and get rid of the infection. The sick could use cough syrups, throat sprays, and throat lozenges to relieve the symptoms.