Do Women Really Benefit from Addyi?

There are so many women out there suffering from sex-related conditions, the most common of which is hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). Luckily for all those women, a new drug has been approved by the FDA. The name of the drug is Addyi and it is specially designed to treat female sexual dysfunction.

Although the drug appeared on the market not long ago, dozens of thousands of women have already tried and benefited from it. Find out what some of those women think about Addyi.


generic addyiAddyi has totally rocked my world. I had been waiting for a drug like this to come out for as long as I can remember because I used to have a low sex drive and couldn’t do anything about it. This drug really works for me. I’ve become much more sexually active. At last I feel like a woman of full value.



I've been suffering from arousal problems and insufficient lubrication. When I heard about Addyi, I really had my hopes for the drug. Unfortunately, nothing changed for me. I was taking the pills for two weeks and the effect was so mild - hardly noticeable, in fact. So I stopped taking the drug since it wasn't worth it.



Yes, Addyi really works. I've been with my boyfriend for more than a year. In our relationship, I had never been the one to initiate sex before I tried the pills. Now it feels like my body responds to every touch of my man. That's a great feeling, so I've started to indulge in provoking him. Now we have sex so much more often.



I’ve been married for 7 years. I admit I have never been into sex. My husband loves me deeply, I know it, but I can tell that my lack of desire has always bothered him. I’ve been taking Addyi for two weeks now. The drug makes me more ‘sexcitable’ if I may say so. At least during the past two weeks we had sex 4 times, which is more frequently than we usually have had.



I tried Addyi because I was eager to find some relaxation and release during sex, but it was no fun for me. Just after the first pill, I was so dizzy and nauseous the whole time I was on it that I just gave up and went back to hormonal therapy, which, unfortunately, has its own adverse effects.



Addyi has been incredible for me. It helps me become more relaxed, wet and sensitive before and during sex, which means I now orgasm more often and intensely than I used to. The only drawback I've registered so far is that I need to always be on top of my blood pressure stats, because it seems to mess it sometimes. That's the only thing I’d say to be wary of though.



I used to be quite unaffected by sex. I never enjoyed it much and had to feign as if I did because I was afraid that my boyfriend might consider me frigid. Addyi has made me a lot more responsive. I still need some good foreplay to get aroused, but at least after that I can really enjoy sex, and I don’t have to pretend anymore.



I struggled with HSDD for most of my adult life. Surely, I longed for a good, safe, definitive solution. It seems I’ve found one at last. Addyi makes me want to have sex! – something incredible given that I almost started to believe that I was frigid and absolutely useless when it came to sex. Oh, it’s such pleasure to feel like a real woman. Thanks to Addyi I now have the sex life that I’ve always dreamed of.



My lack of desire is somewhat recent, but the truth is I haven’t felt sexually attracted to my boyfriend — or anyone else by the way — in the last six months or so. I've just began taking Addyi, but the effect is quite tangible already. I started to feel thrilled every time my boyfriend touches me, even if he just holds my hand.



I’m in my early 50s and not so long ago I felt my sex drive declined rather drastically. My doctor said it was related to menopause and suggested I took Addyi. Since my husband is still sexually active, I decided to give it a try. Well, as it turned out, this drug is a real thing. I feel a lot more ready for sex now and I can get aroused quite easily, even just thinking about it. I think this medication came at just the right time for me.