Did you Know that Twins Live Longer?

According to a recent study, twins have a lower rate of mortality than normal people do. In other words, twins who happen to be your age have a high chance of outliving you if you do not have a twin. Researchers from the University of Washington conducted this study using data from the Twin Registry in Denmark. They chose this particular registry because it is the oldest known repository for data on twins. The researchers looked into about 5,864 cases i.e. 2,932 pairs of twins.

The researchers, led by David Sharrow, analyzed cases of same-sex twins who had lived past the tender age of 10 years. It is important to note that this team from the University of Washington considered people born from 1870 to 1900. That means the researchers were keen on examining records of twins who had completed their life cycle as opposed to studying people who were still alive.twins

Finally, the research team decided to make comparisons to similar statistics on the general Danish population. One comparison found that 90 twins survived out of 100 twins who had lived past the age of 45 years. In contrast, only 84 ordinary people survived out of 100 who had lived past the same age. These statistics among others revealed in the study showed that twins lived for a longer period in general than people who were not twins.

Everybody wants to live for a longer period than the average life expectancy for humans. Unfortunately, doing that is a difficult endeavor unless you understand why some people live longer than other people do.

Based on the findings in this study, twins are some of the people who live past the average life expectancy for humans. It is important for ordinary people to understand why these findings make sense.

The researchers justified their conclusions by pointing out the social relationships that exist between twins. For example, twins support each other physically, emotionally and psychologically. They rarely leave each other’s side for long periods and they comfort each other in times of distress. These social support systems translate into a better life for twins.

A simple example is that a twin is more likely to notice something is wrong with his fellow twin than a normal person is with his friend. Twins have special bonds (some believe supernatural ones). That means the twin will get help more quickly because of his twin than another person would because of his friend. Perhaps it is time for you to seek an active and life-long support system that will prolong your live as much as twins prolong each other’s lives.