Common Mistakes that Men Make During Sex

Men hunger for sex more than women. Despite this fact, scores of men understand very little about the activity, often prone to making mistakes that prevent them to achieving the satisfaction they seek. The most common of these mistakes include the following:

The bedroom activity

Most sex therapists believe that the singular mistake a lot of men make is presuming that sex is a contained activity that starts and ends in the bedroom.

Despite countless resources that inform people that women do not become aroused as easy as men do, they often forget about this fact. While the average man is almost always ready for sexual intercourse, the average woman needs time to get to that point where they crave intercourse. In other words, men forget to pave the way for sex with activities like hugging and kissing, activities that make women feel secure enough to let can wait

A simple 30-second hug will release enough oxytocin to allow a woman to experience the trust and connection they need to engage in sex.


Men assume too much in the bedroom. They presume they know what their partners want, choosing to gamble their way through the process and forget that women tend to fake orgasms rather than lodge complaints when the act of sex doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Sex therapists encourage men to communicate with their partners during sex, asking them what they want and making an effort to adapt their technique where it’s necessary.


Routine is never advisable in sex life. A lot of men seem to believe that just because their approach has worked so far, it will go on that way further on no matter what. This is especially true when it comes to turning their partners on and bringing them to a state where satisfactory sexual intercourse can happen.

However, women and their intimate wishes change. The things that turn them on will vary depending on their moods. The sensitivity of the different parts of their body is just as dynamic. Men who are not attentive and are unwilling to try different things to see how their partners respond shouldn’t be surprised to find that their sexual habits do not deliver the satisfaction they desire.

The mind

Men focus too much on the physical aspect of intimacy. They assume that sexual stimulation is merely physiological, ignoring the mental and emotional areas. Women fantasize a lot during sex, and mental stimulation is essential to the arousal of women.

For a lot of men, moving beyond the physical and interacting with their partners on a mental and emotional level during intercourse is very difficult.