5 Reasons to Engage in Morning Sex

Nothing is more vexatious than the sound of the alarm clock in the morning because it means that you have to interrupt your beautiful dream and get ready for work. However, instead of hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock, you should turn to that wonderful person sleeping next to you and ignite an early morning lovemaking session.

Of course, you will need to set the alarm half an hour or so earlier, but the experience that you get from morning sex is worth it. For most couples, sex is a thing that they do after a long tiring day once the lights go off. Be that as it may, research shows that having it in the morning is way much better and here are five reasons to back up this notion.

Morning sex#1 It boosts the immune system

Having morning sex at least two times a week can have a significant effect on your immune system. Research shows that it increases the level of the lgA antibody which protects the body against infections. And so your morning lovemaking sessions will help keep the flu and colds at bay while also aiding in the well-being of your skin, hair, and nails.

#2 Men’s performance is better in the morning

It is a fact that men's testosterone levels are highest in the morning and this means that their energy is also at its peak. The hours of sleep benefits the body in different ways, and for men, they are an opportunity to recharge, which means that they tend to perform better in the morning.

#3 Sex as a morning workout substitute

According to various studies, a 20-minute lovemaking session can burn up to 150 calories, and this is quite impressive for anyone who wants to stay fit. If you are feeling too lazy to hit the gym in the morning (which is usually the case), sex can be an excellent alternative as you will get to burn some calories in an enjoyable way.

#4 It is uplifting and stress relieving

Most people will take all the stress from the day to bed as they do not have time to do things that can relax them. Waking up and carrying the pressure to another day will have adverse effects on your health and relationship. But, sparing 15-20 minutes for morning sex is an excellent way of relieving stress, and it will ensure that you start the day in a good mood. Orgasms are also very uplifting, and studies show they can elevate your mood and make you happier almost instantly by means of releasing ‘happy’ hormones.

#5 It is simply convenient

Since you are already in bed and you are rested after a night sleep, there are no excuses for not having sex because all you need is to wake up several minutes earlier. With the busy life schedules, you might not find time for sex later or be too tired to have it at night, which can ruin your sex life and relationship.

Alexandr Sedishev