Generic Viagra : Discover a New World without ED

generic-viagra-pillsGeneric Viagra have become one of the most demanded remedies nowadays. The most often asked questions are about dosage, side effects and peculiarities of intake.

If we talk about the dosage, it is worth remembering that it is not recommended to use generic Viagra after fatty meals. It is not recommended to break a pill because the active ingredients are placed in it unevenly. Take the medication with some water. It is better to start with 50 mg and, if necessary, consult your doctor whether you can increase the dose. The specialist must write you a prescription and calculate the individual dosage of the drug. You should not take a larger dose without the doctor’s recommendations. Generic Viagra should not be taken with drugs, nitric oxide donators, for example, Korvaton, Sydnopharm and so on. These drugs are used to treat angina. It is also not recommended to take generic Viagra with other drugs intended for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

How Does It Work?

This is one of the most popular questions, especially among young people. Guys without problems with erection or sexual life sometimes want to experiment. In addition, there are widespread rumors about generic Viagra according to which a man who has tried generic Viagra once becomes a sexual powerhouse and can satisfy a girl several times per night.

pfizer-generic-viagraSure, most rumors contain much exaggeration and embellishment. According to experts of the company Pfizer, Viagra as well as generic Viagra (that is not produced by the same company) is intended solely for treatment of ED. On the other hand, the presence of a certain concentration of Sildenafil in the blood can accelerate the recovery of erection after orgasm. This is the so-called refractory period, which occurs in men after each orgasm and is characterized by inability to get an erection for a specified amount of time. The duration of this period depends on age, temperament and other factors and varies among men. Generic Viagra can help you recover faster after orgasm.

Side Effects

When used correctly, the drug doesn’t cause any side effects. Only 15% of men experience symptoms like headache, facial flushing, heartburn, nasal congestion and so on. They were neither heavy nor prolonged. More than 90 clinical trials involving several thousand patients proved safety and effectiveness of the drug when used in accordance with the instructions.



When you are young, you don’t think about problems with health and especially with erection. You think you will always be a stallion, but it happens. Once you face ED, you feel lack of confidence. Don’t let things get you down! I am 49 years old and my sex is as good as in my youth due to generic Viagra. This remedy is really helpful and moreover affordable for everyone.



No matter what they say, don’t lose hope if you experience ED. It struck me four years ago. I visited several specialists; most of them told me that the main reasons were my bad habits and stresses. I tried generic Viagra and it helped. I still take it now from time to time and can advise you the same.



Like it or not, but intimate relationships play an important role in each family. After all, sex was created to bring joy and satisfaction. There is nothing better than good sex with a woman you adore. It is also good to have an assistant that comes to rescue. Generic Viagra is my personal assistant.



Generic Viagra is an excellent product with a broad spectrum of action. It doesn’t only improve erection, but also raises the overall tone. If the manufacturer is ready to return the money in case of dissatisfaction with the client, it indicates the company's confidence in the quality of its product. Strongly recommended.